Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj Love Story (Nick minaj fanfiction)

Nicki Minaj was at the local coffee shop, drinking a weird green drink with ogre ear caps. It was the coffee shop's new Shrek coffee. You think that sounds cool (or stupid, depending on who you are,) but it actually tastes like mold. Sweet mold, so it's not too bad. Nicki didn't care, she was thirsty. Anyways, she was leisurely enjoying her peaceful afternoon sipping her Shrek coffee. Ah, nothing could disturb her now. As she was observing her neon glowing pink nails that were 2 feet in length (wait, how was she holding her coffee...) something interrupted her view. She put her hand down. Oh was Ariana. Now, Ariana and Nicki made a song and music video together, so people thought they were really good friends, but the truth is, Nicki was annoyed by her. Ariana was too sassy, cocky and way in over her head in the industry. Or so that's what Nicki's excuse was; really, she was secretly jealous of her. And had a bit of a crush. ''What are you doing here, Ariana?'' asked Nicki. Ariana flipped her hair dramatically, hitting the in-coming waiter in the face and knocking him over. ''What do you think I'm doing here? I'm getting coffee!'' responded Ariana. She looked around. ''This is a coffee shop, right?'' Nicki shook her head. ''Gurl. You crazy'' said Nicki with a z-snap. Ariana huffed. ''Me, crazy? I'm not the crazy one here. Just look how you're dressed!'' Nicki Minaj stomped her foot as she got up from her seat, pushing the table back, her green coffee spilling all over Ariana's shoes. ''Ew!'' exclaimed Ariana, ''What is that junk, and why is it all green?'' The waiter who Ariana knocked over before spoke up from the ground, ''It's our new Shrek coffee, ma'am. It's a hot seller.'' ''It's a hot steaming pile of doggy doo doo, that's what that is! And it's ruined my brand new high-heels!'' Nicki Minaj laughed. ''I don't know, I think it's an improvement over the red!'' Ariana Grande was getting mad now. She growled, eyes turning red with rage as she tackled Nicki to the ground. ''I'm sick of pretending to be friends with you! You're a thorn in my side!, I-'' Suddenly, a little boy ran up to them and smashed their faces together, making them kiss. ''Yay! I do have the power!'' exclaimed the boy as he quickly ran away. Oh my god. Nicki was kissing public. The people around them gasped in shock. Oh no, this wasn't good. But for some reason...they couldn't stop. They were both blushing madly and extremely embarrased, but both leaned into the kiss on the instinct of their secret mutual attraction for each other. A few people took out their smartphones and iphones and started taking pictures. They quickly stopped kissing when they noticed the cameras flashing. Ariana looked at Nicki dramatically, tears starting to form in her eyes. She quickly ran away. ''Ariana!'' yelled Nicki, ''Wait!'' She tried to chase after her, but her super long pink nails from another planet got snagged on a shaggy dog. ''What the-'' The dog barked excitedly as it ran down the street, dragging her away. ''No! Stop doggy! Stop!'' Ariana was getting farther and farther away from her as she was getting farther and farther from Ariana. ''Wait!'' Nicki yelled at her again, ''I love you!'' Even though Ariana was pretty far away from her, she appeared to have heard her, stopping dead in her tracks. ''I know I act like I hate pretending to be friends with you, but I don't! Please come back...and help me!'' she yelled, her voice fading as the dog dragged her across the horizon. Ariana turned back, running after her across the horizon too. ''I'll save you! Also, I love you too!'' ''This isn't very romantic!'' exclaimed Nicki as she was dragged through mud, her neon pink nails now off her fingers and stuck in said mud. ''Yes it is! Dog's are romantic!'' ''What, what the heck does that mean?!?!'' ''I don't know!!!'' Ariana yelled back. And so she chased Nicki and the shaggy dog to the end of worlds, and they fell over the edge together into the void; but it was okay, because they had each other's warm embrace.