Rihanna Might be Gay - Rihanna have a crush on Nicki Minaj

Rihanna have a crush on Nicki Minaj As you all know the anaconda singer Nicki Minaj has a butt which almost Everyman wanna hold . Expect for Bruce Janner who thinks she is a woman whilst she is not. I used to think that it's only me who sees the beauty of Nicki minaj but no I'm not the only one who think so but no Rihanna also feels the same way Rihanna might have a crush on Nicki Minaj A lot might say no It's not possible Rihanna is straight but i do think so look at the picture below and tell me if she is not bisexual or Maybe she is not bisexual she is just lesbian who is trying to be straight THERE IS NO WAY SHE IS STRAIGHT You might say hey this is just a friendly kiss it does not matter but you are not in her brains you don't know what she is thinking on the picture above look on where her hand is then look on her face this seems as if she is into that girl is this just a friendly look again Now let's see why I think Rihhana has a crush on Nicki Minaj Look on Rihanna's hand then look on her face it's so clear that she likes feeling Nicki minaj's Big fat ass And this is not the only time look at the picture below you will notice that Rihanna was starring on Nicki Minaj's Boobs Look again she does the same thing don't know maybe I might be wrong but let me know on what you think Maybe that's why her relationship with Chris Brown dosent work May Chris Brown is Gay too NO IM JUST JOCKIING