Is Ashly Perez Gay?

Yes, Ashly Perez is gay. She made it clear to the public when she twitted saying that she is “gay and proud and happy.” She also posted a video titled “coming out” on the YouTube channel called Buzzfeed Violet. In this video, Ashley is seen talking to herself in the mirror saying that she is gay. She does this over and over again, every day of her life. In this video, Ashley shares her experience in discovering her sexuality. She encourages women to be honest with themselves and all people around them. Ashly Perez is a real wonder woman. It is just impossible not to love her, her courage and talent. She encourages her women fans that are gay to be strong and to know that being gay is an act of love. She also believes that women have the power to change the world, as long as they embrace their uniqueness and sexuality. She actually invented the hashtag #ladiesmakingthings#. In the web series “You Do You,” Ashley Perez shows how contented she is about being a lesbian. The whole set tries to explain how it feels like to have a crush and to go through a heartbreak. Ashley states that if everyone, women included, embraced that, they would be more satisfied. Ashly Perez is a feminist, an actor, a director, and a YouTube star that the world needs.