Nicki Minaj Lesbian photos - proof that Nicki Minaj is gay

  • Nicki Minaj Mention She liked girls in some of her interviews , she didn't say she is gay but the way she said it showed she might be a bisexual. Nicki minaj kissing a girlSo is Nicki Minaj a lesbian ! that i can't say! You choose whatever you want to believe
  • Nicki Minaj doesn't mention guys a lot and when she does she will be saying something bad about them at some point before she was really huge she mentioned on one of her interview that she doesn't like boys , she thinks they are smelly and disgusting
  • When Nicki Minaj Kissed Madonna she said she felt something and she wished that Madonna felt the same way

  • watch the video below it will show some clips proving everything I said in this articles